Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Still Here: First Urban Reservation Photo Book Collaboration

My new photo book collaboration with Salish Indian poet and friend Victor Charlo is the first between a white urban observer and a reservation Indian.  It launched to a standing room only crowd at PhotoCentral in Hayward, CA on Nov. 1st, along with my new exhibit premiere.  Beautiful evening!

Though Vic rarely travels outside Montana, he flew in from his home on the Flathead Reservation to read his poems from the new book, sing a Chippewa Cree song and greet the public.  I spoke about why I'm creating bridges of understanding and the Ohlone, first people to call the East Bay home, were honored.  Ohlone Indians Andrew Galvan and Vincent Medina shared a beautiful cultural presentation while folks enjoyed traditional foods including acorn loaf, pine nuts and shell fish.  All Nations' beautiful songs and drum got everyone moving in a Round Dance.

One attendee said, "Your new book and exhibit are contributing vibrantly to bring people together across cultures."  Exactly. 

As I listen to many Natives Americans, and as I document their resurrection against long odds to reclaim traditions, something new emerges.  Still Here: Not Living in Tipis moves us past stereotypes and racism to allow Native people to appear as themselves. Vic's poems of his own odyssey walking in two worlds "leave me breathless," according to one reader.

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