Saturday, September 9, 2017

See My New Images: Lenscratch "Conversations" Online Exhibition

Two of my new collaborative photos with fellow photographer J.M. Golding are in featured in Lensratch's new "Photographic Conversations," online now.  For a few years, J.M. and I have had a visual conversation going, as a way to share our creative and life experience without words. This process has inspired me to see differently, go outside my comfort zone, loosen up the creative muscle...just play.  

Collaboration with another artist, mixing it up, straying beyond habit and convention turns out to be good for the soul.  Sometimes it feels like a bucket of ice water that wakes me up with a jolt, other times it's a meditative discovery of what's new in the familiar of my everyday.  

Whatever form collaboration takes, it's expansive.  It ripples into my other creative projects. It flows into the rest of life.

See the exhibition and be inspired to go beyond the ordinary.
Our collaboration is on page 2:

(If this link doesn't take you there, copy and paste it into a new window in your browser.  Enjoy!)

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